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Yesterday was our 2nd annual Kindergarten Writing Celebration and it was amazing! The kids worked so hard and were so proud of their stories. It was adorable! This was the setup:

Their first writing samples from the beginning of school were hung above, their final copy stories were in the middle, and the compliments pages are at the bottom. 

The whole hallway was filled with student writing!

We invited parents to come from 8:00-8:30, open house style, and teachers combined classes so that half of us could be out mingling with parents at any given time. Students were aloud to go with their parents and check out everybody's work. 

This was our turnout:

The place was packed!!!

Parents were everywhere! Kids were beaming!

And after parents left, we took our classes out in the hall to check out our friends work and leave compliments for each other. They were so cute!

Last year, I made these as keepsakes for all their hard work:

The outside has the event and a picture of the class. The inside has their final copy and compliments page. We'll take their stories down Monday or Tuesday after school and assemble these beauties for the kids again this year. I love doing little things like this to show off all their hard work. 

If you'd like a copy of the writing paper we used, just click on one of the pictures below. 

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