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Are you ready for a little Sunday schedule time? This week is jam-packed with learning fun!

For writing, we are beginning our poetry unit. We have a poem of the week that we ready (almost) daily (stuff happens, ya know?), so they have been exposed to lots of poetry already. We've found sight words in our poems, circled rhyming words, mixed up the order and put it back together again, found special words like colors, vocabulary, etc. and it has been a regular part of our day since the first week of school.

I'm hoping with all this practice, they will have an easier time than in previous years writing their own poetry. We're starting by describing popcorn and writing a 5 sense poem about it. Tuesday, we'll write about frogs (to go with our water sources unit in science). Wednesday, is a Rainbow poem I found from The Bubbly Blonde Teacher and Thursday is the Rain class book from First Grade a la Carte. And for Friday, I found the CUTEST poem activity EVER! You can check it out here. I have to remember to take pictures on Monday and send them to get printed, and make dandelions, but it's too cute not to indulge a little. 

In math, we'll be starting subtraction. We have already touched on it many times, but this week, it's our main focus. We'll be doing the play dough smash, using separation mats, subtracting carrots, bye bye birdie math, and a lily pad toss. In this game, the kids toss 2 counters onto the mat and subtract the smaller number from the larger one. You could make a huge one to do whole group, but I find mine work better in partners than in whole group. 

Science is where it's getting really busy! We'll be reviewing landforms and water sources, comparing and contrasting fresh water and salt water habitats, and making models to explore ponds and oceans, and the effects of erosion. Tuesday, we go to the science lab. There, we'll study the effects of oil spills on wildlife. The kids will put a feather in a cup of water and describe the results. Then they will put a feather in a cup with water and oil (baby oil or vegetable oil) and describe what happened then. Then, they'll try to wipe the oil off with a paper towel and explain what happened. We'll discuss what that might look like on a larger scale, like the Gulf of Mexico.

There is a LOT of prep work for this week, but the learning that comes from it is priceless. :)

Head on over to Mrs. Willis' Kindergarten to find out what everyone else is up to. 


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