Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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Hi, y'all! Well, we made it! It was Friday the 13th and Valentine party day. My feet are killing me. I don't think I sat down at all until the kids went to PE at 1:00. Whew! 

We went non-stop from the moment they walked in the door! After their simple sentence morning work, we made our Valentine bags. 

They were done in five minutes...But that's okay! We had a TON of things planned so it's all good! After that, we read the book about Q and U getting hitched from Kreative in Kinder.  

I forgot to take a picture of the front, but you can see it on this little guy while he writes the room using the qu cards in the same pack. 

When our hats were finished we had a "bridal shower" for Q and U where we opened presents like quilt, queen, question, and quarter. The kids were all over it, but a couple of my super smart and serious ones kinda thought I lost it...

We drew pictures of what we would give Q and U after all the gifts were opened. 

As they finished, they wrote as many qu words as they could find in the room on their recording sheets. One of my girls who NEVER talks (I mean ever) said, "This is the best party EVER!) We hadn't even gotten to the party part yet!

About the time they went to recess, (only like 9am) my table already looked like this: 


But after recess is math. The candy hearts came out and graphing was happening! I didn't even have to remind anyone to graph THEN eat once they got to the tables. 

My fast finishers did a math write the room from my TpT store

The liked it and several were upset that we ran out time to finish it, but we had to get to lunch...

The party was busy! We started with the wedding of Q and U. We used this pack from Maria Manore over at Kindercraze. I was officiating and couldn't get pictures, but parents thought it was cute. And the kids remember to write Q and U together now. Lesson learned!

And what wedding wouldn't be complete without the chicken dance?

They were only a little excited...

Then we passed out valentines...

and ate a TON of sugar...

and signed the guestbook of who attended the wedding.

When the sugar was starting to slow them down, we sent them off to PE. I pulled out a container of wet wipes, passed them out to the table captains at each table, and the classroom was miraculously clean by the time we left the room. 

We passed out balloons purchased from PTO when we got back to the room, had a few minutes of downtime, then headed home. I had a few extra bubble wands from our Valentine party and promised them for quiet kiddos in the hallway. You could hear a pin drop, it was so quiet. I may have to get some more of those on clearance tomorrow!

The big fail of the day was my friend who decided to throw his sticky bug in the air right after he got it. It stayed stuck to the ceiling all day. I warned him...natural consequences...

But if that's the worst part of the day, then it wasn't that bad..

How did your party go?


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