Five for Friday (2/27/15)

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It's Friday!!! We made it!!! And it will be a miracle if I can stay up as long as my teenagers, but whatever...

We started the week with a little play dough smash to practice subtraction. It was a hit (no pun intended).

We started our poetry unit this week. We've studied a poem a week all year so hopefully it's a little better than last year. So far it's been fun. 

"Rain on the ninja, Rain on the tree, Rain on Captain America, But not on me!" 
He worked so hard. :) 

We had this conversation today:
Me: You guys are silly gooses!
Student: Silly gooses?!
Me: Yes. Y'all are a gaggle of goofiness.
Student: What's a gaggle?
Me: A gaggle is a group of geese.
Student: We're a GOOSE GROUP!! HA HA HA HA!!!!

This same student also told me she was having hot flashes the other day. She's five.

I bought this book:

There's a book study going on out there and it piqued my interest. If I can stay awake tonight, I'd like to read at least the first chapter. Wish me luck.

And today was FINALLY our Writing Celebration. Another post will follow soon with more details, but we were all so proud of their writing and how far they have come. Parents were excited, kids were excited, other grade levels came and checked it out. It was awesome!

Head on over to Doodlebugs Teaching to see what everyone else is up to!


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