100th Day

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What a crazy busy 100 day! We started out with a miscommunication about the 100 day grade level picture/student deployment schedule. But we're flexible! And it all turned out great. As soon as I get a copy of it, I'll post it on here.

When we got back to the classroom, we began our 100th Day Rock Star necklaces. I found this awesome pack from The Bubbly Blonde and we worked on things from this pack all day.

During writing time, we worked on our "Meet the 100 Day Rock Star" class book.

Math was set up into 3 centers: 100 pizza toppings, 100 gum balls, and counting to 100 books.

I missed getting pictures of our writing centers, but we did several from our rock star pack. 

We took pictures of ourselves and edited them in the Aging Booth App.

They couldn't decide if they were excited about the app or grossed out. A couple kiddos wouldn't do the picture at all. I can't say I blame them. I HATED my aged picture. 

After specials, we made these rock star beauties, but we ran out of time for the microphones, fruit loop necklaces, and 100 day hats. Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow we can work it in as 101 day or Fun Friday activities... We'll see.

 Next big event on the list: Valentine's party and Q and U wedding.


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