Five for Friday

Welcome to my first ever: 

...and what a week it was!

My little LOVES this book. I canNOT find the link I found it from, but if it's yours, please let me know so I can give you credit. It's wonderful. ALL of my kinders know ALL of their letters and sounds now. 

We had inside recess...again...for the 2nd time this week. We've only had a few real recesses since we've been back from break. My guys NEED outside time, y'all. I need my guys to have outside time.  This picture is just sad.

We had some bubbling science fun today making snow storms. You can get the recipe here. They had so much snow much fun! 

It was my baby girl's birthday. Where has the time gone? Even after a full day today, we still managed enough energy for a dinner out with the girls and a little shopping. (They're holding mini desserts. Each of them getting pick their own was the highlight of the evening.)

Tomorrow is a full day of appointments, shopping, dinner with family and meeting up with some new blogging peeps. I hope we can keep the energy going and maintain some sanity for all the craziness tomorrow.


  1. Your daughter looks like she enjoyed her birthday. My day tomorrow is full of being snowed in! I'm actually thrilled to have an excuse to stay home. My kids will be thrilled to have some snow to play in. Have a great weekend! Your science experiment looks like a blast.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. I wish we only had indoor recess twice a week =(. Winter in NJ pretty much means three straight months of indoor recess! Check out GoNoodle if you need some indoor recess sanity saver! It's a blast for the kids and a dream for a teacher. Welcome to the Doodle Bugs linky party! Glad you linked up! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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