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Hey Y'all! Friday is finally here! Thank goodness!
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I really think this says it all... It has been one heck of a week. I had a sub Monday and half of Thursday. Recovering from that is no bueno. I would rather be there and do it myself than deal with aftermath. I love my subs, but the kids NEED a steady person there. This class, especially. 

I found these awesome mustaches from Target and they have been my newest positive behavior reward. The kids LOVE them! I may have to get to more...

We had a Super Bowl Fun Friday day today. We had lots of centers focused on football. My boys were in heaven. The girls...well...they liked the cheerleaders. One of my girls and I had a talk about how sometimes we do things that more of the boys will like, and sometimes we do things that more of the girls will like. But it's all part of being a classroom family. She'll be all over the Q and U wedding next week. These pictures are from our football helmet design center. 

Most of my Valentine centers are ready to go for Monday. I just need to print one more. This is my latest Valentine creation.

And finally, my 100th Day shirt came in! I got this beauty from Kreative in Kinder and I can't wait to wear it on our 100th day on Thursday! Next week is going to be a blast!

Five for Friday

Welcome to my first ever: 

...and what a week it was!

My little LOVES this book. I canNOT find the link I found it from, but if it's yours, please let me know so I can give you credit. It's wonderful. ALL of my kinders know ALL of their letters and sounds now. 

We had inside recess...again...for the 2nd time this week. We've only had a few real recesses since we've been back from break. My guys NEED outside time, y'all. I need my guys to have outside time.  This picture is just sad.

We had some bubbling science fun today making snow storms. You can get the recipe here. They had so much snow much fun! 

It was my baby girl's birthday. Where has the time gone? Even after a full day today, we still managed enough energy for a dinner out with the girls and a little shopping. (They're holding mini desserts. Each of them getting pick their own was the highlight of the evening.)

Tomorrow is a full day of appointments, shopping, dinner with family and meeting up with some new blogging peeps. I hope we can keep the energy going and maintain some sanity for all the craziness tomorrow.

Writing Celebration

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Happy Friday! I am so glad this week is over. For a short week, this day sure was looooonnnngggg. We were supposed to have sleet last night. In central Texas that equals a day off of school.

The sleet did not show up. The roads were not icy. Our cold butts had to get up out of bed and into school. It was a very sleepy day at school. If you've been following the blog, you'll know that my kids openly admit when they are tired and specifically ask for nap time (which we don't have). But on a particularly sleepy day like today, we can find ways to rest and still keep the learning going.

We are beginning to prepare for our Kindergarten Writing Celebration at the end of February. We did it last year and it was a huge success! Right now, we are only in the pre-writing phases but it's going to take us some time, so we are getting started early.

Last spring, the whole grade level worked on writing pieces, took them through the entire writing process from start to finish, and published their pieces. We hung them in the hallway and invited parents to come check it out and support their kiddos.

Parents loved seeing their kids' work. The kids loved showing off their hard work. The staff loved the parent involvement. It was a win-win-win.

I had the students put their final copy on a special writing paper. You can pick up a copy of it here

And to seal the deal, I put each of the kids' final copies into a file folder with a special cover that had the event info and a class picture from that day. 

They were very impressed with themselves. So cute! 

This year's Writing Celebration is at the end of February and I can't wait to see what this class comes up with. We usually have lots of rockets, ninjas, and talking vegetables in our stories. This could be the most interesting celebration yet!

First Day Back

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We made it! It was the first day back to school after break and I'd call it a success! We started off slow and shared about our favorite events and presents over the break. And we went over expectations ALL. DAY. LONG. 

Our first order of business, after calendar, was to read Squirrel's New Year's Resolution and to write our own resolutions. 

His second one says, "Listen to the teacher." I love this kid! :) 

I wasn't brave enough to bust out the glitter on the first day back, but they were just as excited to use markers instead of crayons to decorate with. 

During math, we went over our new centers and the expectations for using them. We were short on time then and needing to move, so instead of rotations, they were able to choose the center and game they wanted to go to. And let me tell you, they were awesome y'all! Everyone stayed busy and I only had to redirect one.  

The first three pictures are Math by Myself, the independent games.

The next three pictures are Math with Someone, the partner games.

Tomorrow, we'll be back into rotations and we'll also have Math Writing, or small group, as a station.

For our science fair project, they chose to sort rocks. It's cold outside here and the temp is dropping by the minute so I hope they found a rock to bring in tomorrow as soon as they got home. (Inside recess tomorrow--bleh.)

While we were talking about the project, my kids started dropping like flies. They actually asked for rest time. I had one fall asleep with her head in her lap and one couldn't sit upright. He just kept falling over. So we watched Sid the Science Kid. And 2 fell asleep. And no one complained about being quiet. And it was magic. 

We went over some new Daily 5 options, but didn't have time to do any rotations since we had rest time. Hopefully by Monday we'll be back into the full swing of things. 

The day was so wonderful, I was even able to leave my horseshoe table looking organized. 

Y'all this table never looks this good. Thank you work day yesterday and smooth day today. 

Tomorrow will be lots of brain breaks, inside recess, and science fair projects. It's going to be a great day! 
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