Classroom Reveal!!!

It's finally (mostly) done! Soooo, I thought I'd share a few pictures with you. :) First off, I bought this set from Schoolgirl Style and I absolutely LOVE it! My family loves to travel and we take off as often as we can. PLUS, our school's theme this year is "Bulldogs Around the World," which I didn't know at the time, but it was a total bonus! Anyway...

This is the view of my classroom from the door

I will have to add some curtains to that window and desks will have name tags soon. :)

Because it's all travel stuff and my man works for the airlines, I kinda took off with the whole air industry theme. So, just above the kids' backpack area is this:

Cute huh? Their bags...baggage claim...ha ha. Okay it's a little nerdy. Whatever.... turn in their daily folders and to pick up their work to take home, I have these crates:

I got them at Target last year (I could spend a fortune there!). They have more this year, but I will be in so much trouble if I buy more just because I like the new colors better. ;)

Our word wall and number line looks like this: 

I don't have any wall my room that is just a solid wall except where the calendar is. I thought about putting the word wall there, but spacing...layout...computers and projectors in certain just worked better to do this. Gotta be resourceful to be a kinder teacher right? 

I had my own kids set up the library.

It's cute, but I'll have to do a little rearranging with some of the books. They tried hard and did great, but there were five of them working on it and their opinions differed at times. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

These cute chevron containers I got from Lowe's. I saw them, I wanted them, I had to have them. 
So I bought 3! I may have to go back and get more. 

These two are housing our dry erase boards and calendar notebooks. I just learned about the notebooks over the summer and I can't wait to try it this year. If you're interested in calendar notebooks, check out this blog post from Miss Kindergarten

This is our whole calendar wall. The background is vinyl tablecloths I found in the Target dollar section (I'm there almost daily. It's the closest store to our house and conveniently on the way home from school! We're there so much I know some of the checkers by name. That's bad right?). 

That little caterpillar head in the top left corner (I know it looks a little creepy now) is the beginning of our Wordapillar. As we learn new sight words, we will add a circle with the sight word on it to make his body get longer and longer. You can get a free copy of your own from here

That big empty pocket chart will hold our poem of the week. We are doing poetry notebooks for the first time this year and I can't wait to get started!

(That will be a whole other post!)

I saw on Pinterest a calendar with numbers you can flip. I love this idea since I don't have to waste time trying to find the right number to stick on, keep up with, etc. So I made my own. The weather chart I picked up online. I can't remember for the life of me where I found it, but if it's yours, let me know so I can give you credit!

I thought it turned out ok, but the hooks I used last year were a little smaller and fit better on the blue chart. 

One of our favorite things in the class is this guy:

Basically, when we are out of the classroom, and they get a compliment for their awesome behavior, we add a piece to Mr. Potato Head. When he is all put together, they get a class reward. We have done shaving cream on the tables, 2 minute dance party, taking our shoes get the idea. And to keep up the novelty, I like to throw in different pieces for different holidays. The bunny Potato Head is really pretty cute. 

And because I like to stay organized, I filled all my books into those cheapy book boxes from IKEA. (5 for $2 is a steal!) And of course I had to label them.

Yes, I know two are missing labels. I ran out of card stock. Don't judge. It will be fixed as soon as can get to Sam's (It's the cheapest place I've found for card stock by the way. Only $7 for a big ol' pack).

Let's not leave out my monthly units. They have to have a place, too.

There's one for each month, plus writing, math, and science. Because, sometimes you just have something that's not "theme-y."

For giving directions, I set this up on my upper cabinets.

The left one can be found here. I can't wait to use this. They always want to cut and glue before coloring and doing the work and it makes such a mess! They need order I tell you!

The right side is the beginning of my CHAMPS board. If you're not familiar with CHAMPS, it is a behavior management tool for setting expectations. The C stands for Conversation, hence the voice level chart. The card on rings is a visual of the expectation for the kids. All the different options for each letter of CHAMPS is on it's own ring below the letter. 

This is what it looks like put together:

Sorry the picture isn't great, but hopefully you get the idea. Each circle has letter. Each card beneath the letter has the expectations. Flip the cards to show the what the expectation is. Easy peasy, right?

Beneath that are our job charts. I'll have a class job for each kid everyday this year. Because we're doing the whole airline theme, each job has a "technical" name. 

The itty bitty sign in the middle says "Check-in," like check in at the airport. Get it? Ok, never mind...

Technical names..."Load Masters" make sure the chairs are stacked at the end of the day, "Pilot" is the line leader, "Co-Pilot" holds the door open, our "Provo" guys (provisions people in the airlines make sure there are enough supplies on the plane for the flight) make sure we have enough pencils, dry erase markers, etc. ready. You get the idea. I won't go on and on, but I really do like this part. :) It'll take time to teach them all the titles, but they'll be learning about careers at the same time. 

I made brag tags this summer and am so excited to get this going. I have used treasure boxes in the past and hated it. Hopefully, this will leave the treasure box in the closet for the whole year. 

The clips are Target dollar section magnets (Have I mentioned I shop at Target? I should get stock in that company.). I had several packs already. Hopefully they are strong enough to hold the necklaces when they are all filled up. 

This is our cool down area for when we just need a break to breathe. 

The flag is Australia's. We read the book "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" at the beginning of the year. In the book, Alexander talks about going to Australia to get away from his troubles. Soooo, this is our Australia. Time to wash your blues away. The laundry basket is just the right size to curl up in for a breather. Too bad it's not teacher sized!

Now, I saw somebody on Pinterest color coded her guided reading books by level with different colors of duck tape. Since there are a bazillion colors of duck tape out now and I hate thumbing through all my books trying to find the right spot I'm looking for, this became one of my first projects over the summer.

This should make finding what I'm looking for so much faster. The ones that look like they don't have tape are long books instead of tall books. I didn't leave any out, I swear!

And THIS is what I am MOST excited about this year. BALL WORDS! If you haven't seen them yet from Differentiated Kindergarten, you have to check it out! It was not fun to cut out, but I so think it will be worth it!

Only have the first set out right now (and the labels need to go on). As they master each list, I will put out another set of words. 

These are also for Ball Words:

Super cute, huh? Target dollar section. Can't beat it. :)

Our writing center looks like this:

It will be full this year of this set. So excited!

Isn't this header cute?

Here is our computer center:

It's nothing fancy, but it does the job. This is one of our options for Listening to Reading. I set it up on Tumblebooks, but they have a hard time staying logged in. We will work on that this year.

And these beauties came from IKEA as well. 

They are drying racks for clothes but work great for artwork, too. That is, of course, as long as the artwork isn't too drippy. This is one of my favorite things in my classroom. Why? Because fire code says things hung from the ceiling have to be secured with fishing line. My littles can't see it from way down there and are convinced Ms. Coe does magic and they're just levitating there. Isn't that precious?!?! Their idea, not mine, I swear. ;)

Well, that's the end of the tour. Thanks for sticking with me that long. Tomorrow, teachers go back to work in my district so I better fly off to bed.

Happy teaching!

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