Week 2--Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

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Week two was soooo much better than week one! I could actually stay awake past 7 at night the 2nd week. :) Monday we were off for Labor Day (Yay for 3 day weekends and short work weeks!). Tuesday, we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and graphed the letters in our name. We talked about who had the longest name, shortest names, and who's name was twinsies with someones. 

Wednesday, we we made these cute little trees to go with our book. 

You can pick up the template for the words here, and the tree here. Then, after special areas, we had cupcakes for  a little friend's birthday. 

Thursday, we practiced our Rise and Shine notebooks from Reagan Tunsall. These babies are a life saver! I add a couple things here and there, but I don't have to worry about morning work for most of the year once they get comfortable with it. 

In Math, we read Chicka Chicka 123 and practiced one to one correspondence and number recognition with the little Chester activity we didn't get to last week. 

I only gave them 3 rows of Chesters each to contain the mess somewhat. When we get to the page with 6-10 on it, I'll give them the rest. 

We also practiced read to self and our Top Banana games from A Differentiated Kindergarten. They loved them! Then, after special areas, we had cupcakes for a little friend's birthday. 

Friday was carefree and wonderful not what I had envisioned in the lesson plan but still productive. We made our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom hats.  They were so stinkin' cute!

They even had the hats finished and on their heads in the 30 minutes I had planned for them to take before dismissal at the end of the day. :-p After our 3rd library intro for the week, and another round of hat making, we practiced Top Banana Games again and building stamina in reading to self. We made it a whole minute without someone getting squirrelly! Not bad for the kind of day we were having.  

Then, after special areas, we had cupcakes for  a little friend's birthday. Yes, that is three days of cupcakes in a row the 2nd week of school. They were flying off the walls a little wound up. But we wait until the last hour of the day to do birthday celebrations, so they got to go home and show mom and dad how much fun they had! 
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